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Delmarva Power doesn't play around when your service is interrupted. We know how essential it is to your security and comfort.

As part of an on-going commitment to better serve our customers, Delmarva Power 's Outage Management System is designed to accurately identify service interruptions and help get it restored faster than ever before - regardless of the situation or time of day. It all starts with accurate primary phone numbers for your service address.

The primary phone number is your main phone number at your address where you are receiving service from Delmarva Power. The primary phone number is the number that will automatically identify your address when you call Delmarva Power.

If your primary phone number is unlisted, you can indicate this by marking the 'Unlisted' button. In addition to your primary phone number, you can record up to three other phone numbers that can be used to contact you for other Delmarva Power business transactions. You will decide how to describe these numbers (i.e.: nighttime, daytime, mailing address etc.)

Accurate phone numbers are very important. To view or modify your phone numbers just enter your twelve (12) digit customer account number and the first 5 letters of your last name or business name as it appears on your monthly billing.

Your 12-Digit Delmarva Power Account Number :

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